Old Fashioned Postcards & an Homage to Bruny Island

I love old fashioned postcards with stamps & postmarks & lovely photography. These postcards are my homage to the days before email, the days when travellers wrote postcards instead of Facebook updates. These postcards are also my ongoing homage to the stunning Bruny Island.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by Islands & pirate coves, so when my mother went to live on Bruny Island I was instantly enchanted by the place. I have been photographing the Island for around eleven years now.

Bruny Island is an Island situated off of australia’s Island state of Tasmania & it is rich in history. Captain Cook planted an apple tree on the south Island & Captain Bligh spent time in Adventure Bay.

Bruny Island has that lovely homely old-fashioned feeling yet it still has some mod cons. It is a lovely place to travel & an enchanting place to live. To find out more about Bruny Island check out this linkĀ http://brunyisland.net.au/