Bruny Island Beaches and Surf

Bruny Island is surrounded by crisp clean beaches and stunning bays.

Many of the beaches are edged by lovely bushland or salty scrub and sand dunes.

There are so many beaches on Bruny that there are almost enough for every family on the Island to have a beach to themselves.

The waters are incredibly clean and if your lucky you are very likely to see dolphins and occasionally a whale.

There are small beaches, large beaches and vast sandy bays on both north and south Bruny Island.

Tasmania is well known for it’s stunning photography and Bruny Island is a perfect place to take beautiful tonal photographs.

Surfing is an extremely popular pastime on Bruny Island and many surfers report surfing with dolphins.

Bruny Island is an extremely popular Tasmanian tourism destination yet it still retains a lovely rural untouched charm.

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Animals of Bruny Island

These Australian fur seals were photographed on the rocks off the coast of south Bruny Island Tasmania, they are best spotted from a boat & Bruny Island is a great place for boating. A lot of local Islanders own their own boats but there are also a few commercial boat cruises that tour the stunning Bruny Island coastline.

However you don’t need to go boating to see the ducks on Bruny Island, there are lots of cute ducks in streams & rainwater dams all across the north & south Islands.

I’m not totally sure if these are duck eggs or the eggs of a native bird but they were spotted on Bruny Island in the bush. Coastal birds of Bruny Island Tasmania.

This fine looking specimen of kangaroo was photographed in the back paddock of my mum’s house in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

This slow moving Echidna was spotted trying to cross the road in Simpsons. For more info about Bruny Island

Bruny Island Takes Flight

Bruny Island is not just known for it’s beaches & stunning bushland but it is also a popular spot for bird watchers & photographers.

Photography is a popular pastime for some of our local bird watchers.

Above is a native yellow-tailed black-cockatoo.

An eagle soaring above Bruny Island.

A flock of seagulls above & in the frame below a classic tasmanian sky as photographed on Bruny Island.

A native Australian Kookaburra.

Above is a picture by a local photographer Warwick Berry. This albatross is fishing for its dinner whilst in our picture below some local Bruny Islanders are fishing for their dinner, maybe they will catch some Tasmanian Salmon or some fresh squid.

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These cute little frogs were photographed on Bruny Island Tasmania.

This little frog became a photography project after we spotted him on my mums window in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island Tasmania.

These frogs make the most beautiful & relaxing noises at sundown.

The frog actually stepped on the lens of the camera for this photograph, we were surprised but clicked the shot.

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This is the stern of local fishing boat docked on Bruny Island after a local diving trip.

This blog entry is designed as a photographic & fresh food feast for the eyes.

Above is a net full of scallops fresh on the boat at Alonnah on south Bruny Island.

This adorable dog loves to go swimming off the side of the fishing boat.

This is the freshest scallop you will ever see. We opened this scallop on the deck of the boat fresh out of the water.

I actually ate my first raw scallop on the boat that day, seasoned with sea water. It was really tasty & quite sweet in flavour.

I have included some photographic postcards with some information about some of Bruny Islands fresh produce.

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Bruny Island is a stunning place to visit, especially if you like, fresh air, lovely walks & clear sky’s. People travel from all over Australia & the world to get a glimpse of our beautiful sunsets.

Bruny Island is a stunning jewel off the coast of Tasmania & is very popular with travel photographers & amateur photographers alike.

It’s near impossible to point a camera anywhere on Bruny Island without capturing a stunning photographic vista.

The cloud formations & tinted sunsets & sunrises on Bruny Island are subtle yet colourful.

Below is a little postcard from Bruny Island. Check out


Bruny Island is a great place for travel photography.

These Australian fur seals are frolicking in the waters off the coast of Bruny Island.

This boat is anchored off of Bruny Island Tasmania.

The climate on Bruny Island is great for Water-lilies.

Above Postcards from Bruny Island. For more info about Bruny Island